Understanding & Living the Principles of A Course in Miracles

A 4-hour Workshop with Michael Mirdad

A Course in Miracles is the most important expression (or download) of spirituality and Christ Consciousness of our time, and is part of the foundation of nearly every spiritual teacher and author today. Nevertheless, many students on the path find the Course material to be too confusing or difficult to understand. But it is impossible that God/Spirit would have given us such important spiritual material, and made it too challenging to practice or wrap our minds and hearts around.

This upcoming workshop will provide clarity on this material by explaining the primary principles of the Course. This workshop is for any student (at any level) on the spiritual path and is especially great for any student of A Course in Miracles. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.


    • How it all began
    • The formula for Creating Miracles
    • Having a God Day
    • Love vs. Fear
    • What is the Holy Spirit?
    • What is the ego?
    • How we project our inner thoughts and beliefs onto the outer world
    • Who or What is the Christ?
    • The proper use of denial
    • How to be a bridge for others in all actions and communications
    • What is true forgiveness?
    • How to deal with Judgement?
    • Reality vs. Illusion
    • Holy Relationships vs. Special Relationships
    • How should we view our body and the material world?
    • How it all ends

This online and in-person workshop will take place on Sunday March 27th, from 12:00pm-4:00pm (Arizona Time) on Zoom and at Unity of Sedona. There will be a short break about mid-way, and the entire workshop will be recorded for replay if you sign up online.

The cost is $50.00

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