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Special Events at The Global Center for Christ Consciousness

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Jaya Lakshmi & Friends Concert
Jaya Lakshmi & Friends Concert ♦ June 8, 2024
Mother's Day Celebration—May 12, 2024
Gabriella Young
John Dumas
New Year's Eve Kirtan 2023


I absolutely love hosting events at the Global Center for Christ Consciousness! It’s so beautifully displayed with such lovely decor and spiritual imagery. It has a palpable sacred energy that emanates throughout. It is also just the right size to accommodate anywhere between a handful of people up to 250 people. Also, the set up with the stage being so close to the audience allows the presenters and performers to engage directly with the beautiful souls attending. The overall design is so conducive for a highly interactive experience and deeply spiritual immersion. The ability to also use the Meeting Room for smaller breakout workshops or even one-on-one sessions adds to the appeal of using this sacred center in the heart of Sedona. Lastly, it made the experience seamless to work with Dosi, the Center’s event coordinator. ~Suzanne Ross, Annual Sedona Transcendence Retreat

After our recent weekend (Soul Gathering with Matt Kahn) retreat, I’m thrilled to share our review of the Global Center for Christ Consciousness. From the moment we arrived, a profound sense of peace and resonance enveloped us, enriching every aspect of our experience. The team and volunteers at the center were truly outstanding. Their dedication, warmth, and meticulous attention to detail ensured that our retreat unfolded seamlessly, fostering a deeply meaningful and transformative atmosphere for all involved. Their staff is professional, responsive, and willing to go above and beyond to make the entire process an absolute delight. We wholeheartedly recommend the Global Center for Christ Consciousness to anyone seeking a sacred space for their next event. Whether it’s a retreat, workshop, or gathering, this center provides the perfect environment for connection, growth, and spiritual exploration. We eagerly anticipate returning to this sanctuary of peace and enlightenment for our future events. ~Jennifer Niebaum, Matt Kahn Program Concierge

I want share some big love for the Global Center. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my concerts there and being a guest musician at the center. It is a center that holds a universal sacred atmosphere and culture, that welcomes people from all backgrounds. The vibe is wonderful, staff is very friendly and supportive, and a thriving community of regular attendees. I couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone looking to hold concerts, ceremonies or sacred events. ~Ananda Das, Internationally known musician

The Global Center for Christ Consciousness has provided a perfect home for Sedona MUFON programs on a monthly basis for the last year. The center provides seating for over 100 participants with excellent lighting, microphones, projection screens and super friendly Tech Support, making it a perfect venue for our events. I recommend the center for anyone, searching for a venue to host an event in the Sedona area. ~Jennifer Stein, Arizona state section Director for Sedona MUFON

I highly recommend The Global Center for Christ Consciousness to host your musical event, conference, etc. It has comfortable seating, great sound and stage lighting, as well as the ability to live stream and record your event. The perfect venue in Sedona for as many as 250 guests in an intimate high vibe setting. Also it comes with plenty of free parking and very affordable room rental fees. I’ve hosted many events there myself, and look forward to more. ~John Dumas, Internationally known musician, Astrologer

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