Michael's Monthly Message

February 1, 2024

Dearest Friends:

It’s time once again to celebrate “LOVE.” This is the month of Valentine’s Day . . . a day that we usually share loving gestures and give thanks for our romantic partners. But what about those who don’t have partners? Are they to be left out? Of course not! So let’s celebrate this correctly by sharing extra acts of love and affection. Say Happy Valentine’s Day to as many people as possible and, when appropriate, offer a hug so that you feed the craving that so many people have for kindness and affection.

Valentine’s Day can be expanded to have a greater meaning. Let’s use this month to honor the Unconditional Love we feel for all. After all, to love unconditionally means to Love as God Loves. Therefore, unconditional love cannot be only for some people but not for othersCan we really celebrate Love if that “love” excludes some people? That’s NOT Love. It’s not that we have to move in with them or that we have to share something with them physically. We can simply choose to send them a loving thought. That is enough.

Although the external form of unconditional love may differ with strangers we pass on the street versus our most intimate friends or partners, the inner intention remains the same—to allow the Divine aspect of ourselves to seek and love the Divine aspect in others.

And remember, the two most basic means of nurturing Real Love—which is unconditional love—in our own lives are as follows: First, we have to connect with the Source of Love or all attempts to express Real Love will prove futile. Second, we develop a greater ability to Love by practicing Love and Forgiveness.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad