Michael's Monthly Message

June 1, 2024

Happy June to all of you!

Those of you who attend our Sacred Sunday Services would likely agree that our recent topic of the “Pearl of Great Price” was fantastic and spoke deeply to all of our Sunday attendees. This talk had several layers, but one of them was about learning to make God (and our spiritual path) the number one priority in our lives—which can be expressed and experienced primarily in two ways.

The first part of this commitment means taking time each day (even if for only a few minutes) to commune with God. The second part of this commitment means creating a better and healthier life—which involves developing greater psychological maturity—more self-awareness and healthier levels of personal responsibility. This second part also involves practicing healthier boundaries and developing clearer communication. Other than these two levels of priority—God and creating a healthier life—nothing else matters.

Our love for our Father/Mother God, our Creator, is like the Pearl of Great Price that Jesus explained was worth giving up all of our false and delusional priorities in order to attain that pearl—which is a symbol for the Holy Spirit of God. In other words, our relationship with God needs to be our greatest priority. And this month, while we celebrate Father’s Day, it’s a great time to remind ourselves to honor the “Father/Mother God.”

Anything that keeps us from our spiritual path, or that keeps us from co-creating a healthier life, needs to seriously be looked at and possibly released. After all, how can a false priority ever bring us anything but pain? Therefore, when people want to get in the way of our healthier and spiritual new life, we might consider cutting them loose. It might hurt our heart for a moment, but if we allow God to replace that valueless obstacle with true Love and Light, we will become “born again” and healing will soon come. When we place a priority on God and on having psychologically healthy relationships with ourselves and others, it is almost guaranteed that we will find ourselves having the best life possible.

No one should be given the power to distract us from pursuing a healthier life. And to allow otherwise, is a depiction of having “false idols” and is a sign of self-abandonment and self-abuse. So be sure to allow yourself to say no to people and things that do not serve your commitment towards God. Also, say no to anyone that would distract you from finding a healthier life for yourself. As I often say, “GOD FIRST!”

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad