Divine Guidance & Communion with Spirit with Michael Mirdad

A 2-Hour Workshop with Michael Mirdad

Join Michael Mirdad for this highly inspiring talk on how we can all reach higher levels of Guidance & Connection with God. This will be the first time Michael has presented this material, as it came from a recent “download” of material based on new levels of connection that mankind is beginning to receive. This workshop is partly educational and partly a direct download that will have a profound effect on all the attendees.


  • The gifts and challenges with receiving Guidance
  • How Guidance comes to the mystic versus the average person
  • How to receive and interpret Guidance at the highest level
  • The difference between prayer, meditation, communion, and Divine Revelations
  • What to do with the new levels of communion that are opening up for us all
  • How to know when ego is infiltrating Guidance

This workshop will take place on Sunday April 24th, from 12:00pm-2:00pm (Arizona Time) LIVE at Unity of Sedona OR featured online through Zoom. The event will be recorded so attendees can watch at the most convenient time. The cost is $30.


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