March 23, 2016
by Rev. Robert Mitchell

If I tell you a secret
Will you promise you will tell?
Shout it from the rooftops
Not for heaven; but for hell.

Take these words in secret
Tell every living being
A message strange yet simple
You are everything.

You are the fire of sunlight,
And the stillness of the night.
The chill that comes with the evening
The moment of twilight.

You are the falling stardust,
The clouds, the winds, the rain.
Both the petals and the thorns;
You are everything.

You are the Bodhi and the Buddha
The music and the lute,
The song and the singer,
Both the tree and the root.

You are the Whirling Dervish
The monk that stands alone.
The hands that finger rosaries
Both the cross and the stone.

You are the Bible; the Gita,
The Torah, the Quran,
The mystery and the myths,
That share this common land.

They each tell the same story
But in a different way.
Still the secret remains the same
No matter what they say.

You orchestrate the universe
Beyond your wildest dreams.
Your breathing holds the world in place
Your life is more than it seems.

Love yourself fearlessly
Go dance beyond the moon.
Give freely of your heart and soul
And you will see your true self soon.

Lose yourself in this very life,
Reach for that golden ring,
So that you may find out without a doubt
That you are everything.

michael mirdad