by Linda Mae Costello
 January 20, 2015

A red sun shines over the mountain
The morning fluorescence of sky fills my sight
I stand in contemplation
of the ways of the soaring eagle
Majestic in passage, Ominous in flight.

With far-seeing eyes, I scan the distance
Searching for the sign to be revealed to me.
I am one with the swaying grasses,
the chirping crickets, the magpie’s call,
I feel them all, deep within my soul,
Where they touch and unite with the essence.

The movement around me becomes a dance
a sacred testament to the earth.
I find myself swaying to inner rhythms
and I am still, so that I may hear the Voice.

The Voice speaks, and whispers of Light
Reminding me ever that I am as a beacon.
I pray that I carry out this mission worthily.

The Voice speaks again, reminding me
of that which I must do,
To find the bridge between the two worlds,
and to show others the way across.

The Awakening of the Spirit bodes restlessness
and those who are aware take heed
as all is readied in preparation
for the Turning.

The sun shines yellow now,
brightening the sky with its glow,
enlivening the life on this planet.
The mountain stands firm and resolute
as the sun bathes the west side
in the glory of the moment.

Far in the distance,
at the base of the mountain
Red poppies turn their heads in unison
Vividly pulling at my attention.
I see now what I must do.
I must stand and speak my colors
Reveal myself as I am
to those with eyes to see.

They will know, and they will go
to the four corners,
to bring forth the miracle of Life
through Love.

For in love does the eagle soar,
the poppies turn their incessant heads,
the mountain remains, the sun radiates.
In love are we enjoined with those
so near and dear to our hearts.
In love will we find the ways of world healing
and of Unity forevermore.

I return to my people
with the gift revealed to me,
filled with power and purpose,
blessed with Happiness and hope,
armed with the Spirit within,
ready to march forth
with my staff held high,
an evershining beam of light
for all to see.

michael mirdad