October 31, 2015
by Linda Mae

I was at the bottom of a pit
Looking up at your silouette
etched against a daylit sky.
I wanted to be there, and with a thought
I flew up to be next to Thee.
It was easy,
easier than I thought it would be.

We greeted each other
with honor and delight,
your left hand grasping my right.
Our energies mingled with the touch
and we fueled each other, renewed each other,
the brightness within our beings
glowing until it spilled out
and shone around us;

A bright signal fire we’ve become;
the vortex of transformation,
as we rise into the sky
to become this inner star
that others can see,
can feel within themselves.

Within the fire of love
we wrap ourselves around each other
so we can feel
every joy of our joining.
After we have taken our pleasure,
we set out across the sky
hand in hand,
seeking to shine our love like a sun
into the hearts of those who need it.

Others are affected by our passing
although they don’t know why
their cares seem easier,
their burdens seem lighter.
Such as this do we bring to the world,
you and I, together.

Sometimes we stop and teach for awhile;
sometimes together, sometimes separate.
Depends on the needs of the people.
I love best being in your audience,
watching you teach.
They don’t know how they are affected
by having us there together,
how they experience the polarity,
and set it humming within themselves.

But part of our pleasure is secret healing.
Give peole faith in themselves
and they can go in their own way
to spread their light.
We may fan their flame,
but it is their enactment of the love
that keeps it burning.

Together we fly, night after night
working to bring the light
to the World
so She will shine with love.

I am beginning to see the glow.

michael mirdad