by Linda Mae Costello
February 21, 2015 

The cold night howls
this dark night
And rattles the windows
As it creeps and seeps
Into cracks and crannies
And rubs against my skin
With an insistent reminder
Of its presence.

The moon shines not,
Obscured by clouds
Which hide the light
Of the night
And sends gentle rain
Which mists and dances
In the buffeting breath
Of winter’s bane.

The lamplight glows
With a welcome warmth
Spreading rays across the room
Which touch my heart
And mellow my mind
Into quiet appreciation
Of the civility of being indoors
On a cold, dark, blustery eve.

Does the man who stands
On the corner with a can
Have a place to huddle tonight
As he contemplates and curses his fate?
My heart sends him warmth
And a smile.
Perhaps he’ll feel it
Through the mysterious love connections
Which unite us one to another
And he’ll experience a single moment
Of comfort
On this night of Nature’s challenge.

For what do you give your life, dear man?
What is the awareness
You seek to bring
To the passersby
Who spare not even a smile
But rather a look of disdain
And haughty superiority,
Believing somehow
That they are more deserving
Than you?

They have no heart
But you do.
I see it shining out your eyes
And bubbling around
The edges of your being,
And I know,
Although it may not seem so,
That You are the richer.

Thank you for enriching my life
With your presence.
May you always find
Shelter from the Cold.

michael mirdad