July 10, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

The Way of the Wizard
Is a Fascination.
To Seek the Grail,
Of Pure Inspiration.

To Dance with the Fairies,
And Love with the Moon.
To Weave the Great Mystery,
Into Your Tune.

To Be the Brave Hero,
In Quest of the Heart.
Living Together,
Yet Ever Apart.

To Know the Above,
Within the Below.
Becoming the Arrow,
Unleashed from the Bow.

To Soar with the Eagles,
Rejoicing in Wonder.
To Channel the Lightning,
And Echo the Thunder.

Beyond the Illusion,
And All its Constraints.
You Laugh with the Sinners,
And Cry with the Saints.

And Knowing a Flower,
Can Shatter the Stone.
You Stand Unyielding,
At the King’s Throne.

For You are the Wise,
As well as The Fool.
The Wheel is Your Fortune,
Life is Your School.

You Revel in Challenge,
Adversity’s Kiss.
And Dive without Fear,
Into the Abyss.

To Journey in Twilight,
A World beyond Form.
The Treasure Concealed,
In the Eye of the Storm.

The Shadow Requests
A Single Suggestion.
To Be and Not to Be,
Answers the Question.

And Knowing All Masks,
Hide the One Face.
The Devil is Given,
An Angel’s Embrace.

As Shadow and Light
Fuse into Gold,
The Gates are Parted,
The Carpet Unrolled.

The Veil is Lifted,
On what was Concealed.
The Long Lost Magic
At last is Revealed.

A Truth so Beautiful
Treasure Sublime,
Past and Future,
Space in Time.

The Lock is the Universe,
You Are the Key.
Open Your Eyes
And Learn How to See.

An Ocean of Wonder,
Is there to Behold.
Reflecting the Cosmos,
and Secrets Untold.

Diving and Swimming,
In Pure Revelation.
You Join in the Exquisite,
Song of Creation.

And as You Gaze Up,
It All becomes Clear
You are the Starlight
There’s Nothing to Fear.

As Tree becomes Root,
And Flesh becomes Bone,
Your Heart Becomes,
The Philosopher’s Stone.

The Sword is Imbedded,
The Quest cannot Fail
Excalibur Freed,
You are The Grail!

And so, as You Shine,
In Timeless Elation.
The Grail Overflows.
With Pure Inspiration.

michael mirdad