May 7, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

I am the dog who saw a rainbow,
When others were unable.
I am the tortoise who never stopped,
Believing in a fable.
I am the rabbit far too cunning,
To be caught within the snare.
I am the wing that ever waits,
To fly upon a prayer.
I am the fool on the hill,
Who dances in the rain.
I am the lining made of silver,
That fear cannot restrain.
I am the stallion running wild,
That rope will never bind.
I am the secret, hidden truth,
Within your heart and mind.
I am the leap that all must take,
But few will ever try.
I am the greatest treasure,
That money cannot buy.
I am the boat that holds out faith,
For wind to fill my sail.
I am the knight who ever seeks,
For the Holy Grail.
I am the single glowing ember,
The last undying spark.
I am the candle keeping vigil,
Alone within the dark.
I am the traveler in the storm,
Destined to ever roam.
I am the star that heralds dawn,
And always leads you home.

michael mirdad