The Christ Vine


The more I write about Christ

The more I feel free

Somehow floating into my destiny

I feel high above the battles

Nothing can defeat me

When I Am invincible!

This is not arrogant

As I know when I have seen

all my deaths in pastimes

roll out before me

In a dream reel

with a beautiful voiceover

Saying to me each time gently

As I am about to be brutally killed

“Everything is ok as it is”

I know I have arrived

before the beginning

The white enveloping clouds of forever

Open up, the arms ask me to come inside

It is the end before the beginning

The middle place of God

that is everywhere

I am fused as the Christ

I am part of the Christ Vine

So are you, rest,

we are in Heaven

Dreaming, a painful dream, wake up

We are all good, celebrate,

It is a God day forever

Remember we are One






Graham Hill