By Debbie Windsong Raduka

This winding path of earth and air,
First offered me a place to bare.
My journey fell upon the Earth,
A place of knowing and rebirth.

A winding path to walk at will,
Among the trees, my Soul, be still.
Releasing fear, sorrow, and shame,
No where to run, no one to blame.

A sacred walk of shadow and youth,
Now a seeker of wisdom and truth.
North, South, East, West and Home,
We journey together, we are never alone.

The Labyrinth Path of the heart and Soul,
In body, mind, spirit, We are Whole.
Eternal Flame, is it the beginning or the end?
Mystical Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

Ancient wisdom of the stars unfold,
Creating a path now centuries old.
All is Holy, in death and rebirth,
Walking a Sacred Path on Earth.



Graham Hill