May 1, 2015
by Linda Mae

Like a Lover
I open Myself to the intricacies
Of My psyche.
I caress and probe
each nook and cranny that I encounter.
I examine each new discovery
with awe and appreciation.
I explore further and further,
a pioneer cutting across new lands,
an adventurer on a quest.

Like a Lover
I treasure every dream,
capturing each glistening nuance
as I contemplate signficance,
reveling in every part,
striving to behold the whole.

Like a Lover
I surround Myself with consciousness
finding the place of I
from which all else generates
and radiates with pulsating life.
I find Me everywhere I look.
I push the illusory limits
and find gentle yieldings.
I cross bridges across valleys
from height to height.
I dance on rainbows.
I fly to the Sun.
I sing to the glory of spinning spheres.

Like a Lover
over and over
I find My Self reflected
in the inner images
in the outer hologram.
I sink into the embrace
of Cosmic Love’
and feel the Oneness of Being
Like a Lover.

michael mirdad