Into Me

By Rita Boulton


Come, follow me’… 

Should I go? 

A seeming eternity has passed 

Since journeying into these depths

Millions of years and but a day

Time has played me the fool 

Vague memories of the beyond stir…

I drop my worldly possessions to the floor and silently nod ‘yes’ 

Fear suddenly jolts through me, where I am going, I do not know myself

The wind carries your voice to me ‘Courage dear one, I have crossed before you’

Stepping up, I follow your footsteps over the stone threshold and find myself walking through cool pools of water 

Grace be! I welcome the water! It gently caresses my feet, instantly lightening my load

Laughter escapes me as I breathe in a joyful breath and continue on my way home

I turn and kiss you gently on the cheek, so grateful to have you with me










Graham Hill