Heavenly Ball

By Roger Blakiston


I am a particle lost in the universe,

Searching for answers and meaning to all.

I am a rock and a snowflake and raindrop;

I am the endless, though I may seem small.


I fly in circles surrounded by wisdom,

Looking for knowledge while always awake.

I am in orbit in skies of eternal;

Fragments of stardust that never shall break.


I am the wind and the source of the ocean,

Heed to my call as I shower you with love;

Follow my compass, remaining on center,

Soaring through space on the wings of a dove.


I am the mountains, the hills, and the valleys;

I sprinkle seeds on the fields and the sand.

Look at the forests and jungles of mystery,

Marvel, for everything is as I planned.


We are together, with no separation;

All are connected by threads to the whole,

Blending in oneness with our creativity.

We are the magic, the spirit and soul.


Crossing the veil into other dimensions,

I see the prism of colors that blend. 

I am the rainbow that lights up the cosmos;

Come join our throng as on clouds we ascend.


Nothing impossible I may imagine,

Can turn me away from my course to the stars;

Inside infinity, no limitation,

I can transcend to the craters on Mars.


I am a particle, lost in the universe,

Searching for answers and meaning to all.

Show me the way to the kingdom of blissful;

I want to dance at the heavenly ball

Graham Hill