By Roger Blakiston


Let us be thankful for those who inspire us,

The poets, musicians, creators of art;

The conjurers, dreamers, and seekers of wisdom,

The trustworthy lovers who speak from their heart.


Let us give thanks for the glory of nature,

The rain and the sunshine, the snow, and the frost,

The warmth of a fire on a cold winter evening;

The gentle hand guiding us when we are lost.


Let us rejoice for the oceans and woodland,

The mountains and wildflowers, the smile of a child,

The gift of our breath and the air that surrounds us,

The wind on our face when we run in the wild.


Let us show gratitude for all the blessings

Bestowed on us daily, as we chart our course;

Our friends and our mentors and those with compassion,

Our star filled with light giving hope from our source.


Know that we all are connected in spirit,

And we are just part of the dance we call life.

Never have doubt that all things, they are possible;

Look deep within where abundance is rife.


Through all the turmoil we see on our planet,

Remember the tunnel is not always dark.

As nightingales sing, and the owl wakes from slumber,

The dawn will soon break with the sound of the lark.


We are unique, and our roles they are many;

The world is our stage, and we walk on her boards .

Each moment in time there are so many choices,

So let us give thanks as we reap the rewards.


Appreciate freedom and savor the magic;

Immerse in the wonder as love we embrace.

We are the instruments, we write the lyrics,

We play the music whilst floating through space.









Graham Hill