by Linda Mae Costello
November 19th, 2014

Beguiling voices fill my mind
As I contemplate the moon
And other womanly forces
That whisper to me
Of caverns and seas
Of prettily glittering crystals
Diffusing the light
In a rainbow prism of color
To spread over the earth
In a sweet dream promise
Of a better tomorrow.

I stand in the Shadow
Of a towering oak tree
And I feel the life stir within me
Like the first tremor in the acorn
As it begins to sprout
Cracking open the hard outer shell
To reveal tender shoots
Reaching for the sun
And craving roots
Seeking sustenance
From the soft, yielding earth.

I lift my hands high
To the heavens
And I feel myself become filled
With the breath of tree and sky
As I shine like a beacon
On the top of a hill
Lighting the way for others.

I bow my head in wonder,
In the splendor and the awe
Of such power
As arises within me from the earth
And pours down from above.

I am a chalice to be filled
With the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods
So that others may drink
Of this divine wine
And find their way Home.

michael mirdad