Freedom At Last 

By Joy Woolford 


Here I am in my old stomping grounds

Going round and round and round

Seeing things, I’d rather not see

Knowing I have to look to be free

Feeling oppressed wherever I go

Knowing full well it’s the ego

Trying to bring me back into hell

Reminding me of the time I fell

To the bottom of the pit

Constantly swimming in dog …..

Looking up to see

The hand of God reaching for me

Pulling me out of this mess

Reaching down to give me a kiss

Saying it’s all going to be okay

This is just purging, release the fray

Only given what I can handle

Urging me to light the candle

To see it isn’t what it appears

Just parts of me still living in fear

I can rise above this I know

I’ve tasted the manna, I can let it go

It’s just a test to help me home

To a place that I will never be alone

It’s impossible to not benefit from this

Just remember that it will turn into bliss

That I will never leave again

With help from all of my friends

I can be where I’m supposed to be

In heaven which all along

Has been my destiny

I’m already there

Singing, singing, singing

I am free

Graham Hill