By Leslie Paramore 

The Sparkler Princess


Eternal Love stands by us 

in prosperity and poverty, 

in health and in sickness. 

It will stand upon the raging seas 

of humanities minds, 

where fiercely winds blow, 

to ease their fears. 

And when battered souls brush 

against the roughness of the world, 

Eternal Love will delicately bandage them 

with the healing balm 

of light unfolding sacred tears. 

Love will face all the elements 

to protect us from harm 

when we call upon 

its Infinite Holy Name. 

Eternal Love wraps us in its cocoon 

as we sleep within the comfort forgetfulness. 

If we are without a place of rest, 

Love also provides a safe haven 

within the circle of its arms. 

Even when we turn our backs on Love — 

even when we continually reject it, 

Love will never close the door 

to its expansive heart. 

Loves light is always turned 

toward us and our wellbeing 

and is a constant ray 

of never-ending hope.

Eternal Love blesses all 

who have ever lived, 

who live now, 

and who will yet live. 

If friend and foe desert us, 

Love always remains . . .

as a strong and steady advocate 

to the path of inner peace. 

As humanity births itself, 

through the process 

of remembering itself

Love will be with them 

no matter what, 

for Love is no respecter of persons. 

And when the last scene of our lives 

come to the final chapter, 

Eternal Love will be there, 

offering the riches of heaven

the richness of eternal, abiding hope. 

Loves promise remains 

as we draw nigh unto it. 

Its divine nobility embraces 

all who accept its call. 

You are never alone –

for Love Eternal, 

ever remains a loyal friend to all.

Graham Hill