October 9, 2021
by Roger Blakiston

I am gently gliding down
The corridor of change;
The faded pictures on the walls,
I start to rearrange.

Behind each painting I behold
A different work of art;
The hidden masterpieces that
Connect my soul and heart.

The world I knew in lifetimes past,
Once more revealed to me;
The ancient wisdom now returns,
The glorious age I see.

I watch the two dimensions switch
To three then on to five;
Transported to another time,
When all of us did thrive.

Connecting to these images,
I know we are all one.
I reach out to the great beyond;
The journey has begun.

I’m in the land of long ago;
I dance on hills of gold,
Surrounded by just love and light,
My wondrous dreams unfold.

Returning to those days of bliss,
Before the dawn of fear;
I feel a new earth in our sights,
Exciting times are near.

I am awake, and this is real;
Ahead I see a door.
The corridor is closing in,
And all that passed before.

I turn the handle, open wide,
Behind me is the throng;
My kindred spirits holding hands,
While breaking into song.

Together we all float on through,
Where on the other side,
A magic kingdom welcomes us,
And we enjoy the ride



Graham Hill