March 21, 2015
by Linda Mae

We live our lives day to day
Running here and there
Laughing, dancing, singing playing,
Living hard, loving well
Never stopping to think
What’s it all about.

We let the winds of life
Blow us here and there
Marching forward on the road before us
Not stopping to see the sidestreets we pass
Following the wide way already forged
Caught in the act of life.

Once in a while, I let it go
Once in a while, I let it flow on by
Once in a while, I release myself from the bonds
From the bonds that be
All around me.
Once in awhile, I light my own path
And escape to the center of me.
Just when I think I am free
The web of life recaptures me
And I find myself
Caught in the act again.

All the world’s a stage, they say
And we are all actors in a play
We act so well, we do not see
We don’t have to take it so seriously
So easy to step out of the scene
And see the game
Joy and sorrow – it’s all the same.

The act is for fun. The act is for learning.
The act is what we’re here for.
And so I find, for peace of mind,
I am caught in the act again.

michael mirdad