January 27, 2015

‘like walking in the rain and the snow when there’s no where to go and you feel like your soul is dying’

*spirit finder came down deep into my wounds and tried to feed me a blueberry …

i said no,
coffee …

we walked through the sun, rubber soles over ashes, sharing tobacco
eating dust clouds

he’d throw one at me, i’d throw one at him
til the dust cleared we found ourselves starving

i don’t know why i’m ALIVE! i cried
shake and sip he said i don’t know either

thrown into the rain
dirtied trampled and stained
by a lifetime of questions from lifetimes of pain

and the heart that was there bled to hell
as they drank and we fell

down down down through the crown
to the holes
in our souls

left to the cross skim the surface of heart
and the scars on my face speak the wisdom of fears

and the laughter i hate paints a past time for years

untying souls dying for the rescue of mind
for the soul seeks to heal but the mind seeks to find

the mind disappointed time after time

what traps this vision for souls in the rain
for hero’s to triumph over the pain

and have we found soul so far
or could what we eat change who we are

michael mirdad