Ascension By Roger Blakiston

As the world we know is ending,
Many beings are ascending.
Shadows sweep across the ocean;
Waves of light are set in motion.

Moving to a new dimension,
Holding space for reinvention.
Structures rapidly dissolving;
Consciousness is fast evolving.

Never doubt we are protected,
Always with our source connected.
Full awareness, during shifting,
Gives us strength while we are drifting.

Love is all that really matters,
As indoctrination shatters.
Guided by our intuition,
We are on a sacred mission.

From the darkness, hope emerging;
Souls, enlightened, now converging.
As the fear is dissipating,
We are with the angels waiting.

Heading in the right direction,
Where there only is perfection.
Hold on tight, it is exciting,
As our planet is igniting.

Moving to a future brighter,
As our bodies become lighter.
Seize this moment, dawn is breaking,
Sleep is over, we are waking.

Miracles are in our grasping;
Layers peeled with the unmasking.
Earth returns to former glory;
We rewrite the human story

Graham Hill