A Poem Where We Can Relate

By Angy Thennes

I want to do the “right” thing.

Ego’s got me by the throat.

Calling in God’s presence, we walk it through  hand in hand.

Where is the spot? Where should I be?

I want to be comfortable, but is that right for me?

God show me your light, your love.

The only thing I shall chase. When I feel the strength of your eternal love, I know it’s perfect space.

All is all, is all, is all. As above and so below.

The good the bad, the right or wrong-Lord knows it all must go…

We shall walk on Golden leaflets and hear the gong Bell ring when all is dissolved into perfect space and take responsibility.

I feel the fear of the unknown.

Past life clearing is what’s in store.

What are we running from? Ourselves or another thing?

We are all just consciousness and forgetting of our very own making.

So I know therefore I am-A sincere part of the capital “I Am.”

I am a part of God above, and nothing of this land.

It is empty and addictive, running from here to there. Wanting to shroud me in it’s darkness but yes! I am aware!

I am strong. A warrior on a journey that I know I must embark. The truth shows everywhere I look. I know I’ve been well taught. 

Be with me God.

I know you will. I gave it all to you my struggling, and yes! I always will!







Graham Hill