Golden Rain by Graham Hill

Oh Lord I love You

Nothing is separate to me now

You have shown me clearly

I have come back from my dream

And I am staying in You

And as you for good


All this time 

I have been roaming

It was You calling for me 

All you wanted was love 

from me in return

You have all my love 

Everything is Yours


I am so grateful 

All that you have given 


You have given me everything 

As I speak I come apart as You

It’s like every petal 

Of a thousand lotus flowers 

unfurling in an instant 

This is happening for all of us 

Oh I am ecstatic! 

For I see you everywhere!


Oh yes I am so lost in Your Love 

I can never go back 

to the thinking game 

Identified with fear

What is the point of lack

So now I am here

What next now?

I want to give 

everything to You

To be truly helpful 


My sense is that I simply act-be

as a living example 

Of Your love

Can this get any more 


This is my Job!

It’s funny calling it that!

It’s hardly work! 

I get to show my love for You

Every instant 

I get to recognise it 

In everything 

I see, feel and do 


Oh it’s like an eternal soft storm 

of golden rain showering me

Drenching me 

And all around me

This golden rain 

Is for everyone 

Drench yourself in the Love

And soak everybody else

With this water of Life


Let nothing be left

To show any difference or lack 

Or line between us 

For there is nothing 

That can keep us apart 

This gift is for all of us

For we are the One 

Golden Light shower 

That God is 

I am 

And we all are! 

And so it is 



Graham Hill