As most of us know, we just went through the most challenging year most people on earth can remember. For most people, it was a year of stress, loss, reevaluating our lives, and sorting out our priorities. So how well did you do? If you feel as though you just went through some of life’s most intense lessons, you’re not alone.

Rebuilding A New Life with God

When the dust settles, after any major change, it’s essential that we take the appropriate measures to rebuild our lives. But to properly do so, we need to remain clear and committed to only moving forward with the Guidance of God. To do otherwise would likely lead to creating the same old problems we’ve so often had to deal with in the past. And what better time could there be but NOW, to make all the necessary changes in order to create the best year of our lives?

Many years ago, I made it an annual ritual to use this time of the year to clear the past and begin co-creating a new life with God as my Guide. I would spend some time letting go of things I no longer needed, which meant clearing out my desk, deleting things from my computer, and healing relationships that wanted to heal—as well as releasing the ones that didn’t. And instead of making the usual “New Year’s resolutions” (that almost nobody keeps), I made tangible commitments that would forever take me higher.

As part of this annual ritual, I would spend some time making a “prayer wheel” or “life chart” (as I call it) that could put all my new commitments onto one simple chart (visual tool) that I could easily access and use as a reminder of my new direction. Eventually, the word got out as to how effective this ritual was—which is why it became a workshop that I teach at the start of every year.

Reminders for Creating a New Life

Whether or not you have your own version of ending each year with releasing the past, followed by using an effective means of creating a new life, you might at least decide to never again settle for a new year that fails to be better than the year before. The truth is, it’s God’s Will that our lives show improvement year after year as we grow towards spiritual maturity. If this is not the case for you, then it might be wise for you to figure out what you can do to make a change. Don’t wait until this auspicious season is over and end up regretting your lack of forward movement.

Instead, make a choice to do a personal ritual of closure (using burning bowls, etc.) and re-building a new life (using life charts, etc.). You might be pleasantly surprised to receive guidance on issues to heal OR perhaps guidance as to the proper steps towards a new life. Maybe you can buy a simple ring and marry yourself, as a symbol of devotion to your new life (even if you are already in a partnership). You might also commit to receiving body-work, going to a counselor, attending some great workshops, or doing whatever else seems right for you. And be sure to start every day with a few minutes of prayer and meditation so as to build a closer relationship with God. Commit to being a humble follower of God’s Guidance—rather than continually trying to control everything.

And when you go to sleep at night, do your best to “rest in God”—knowing that you will receive greater guidance and rejuvenation so that when you awaken, you will be prepared to receive and share even greater miracles than the day before.

Love & Light,


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