LIVE the Life

I’ve lived in Sedona for nearly four years now and have been blessed to meet numerous, extraordinary people – nearly all of them at Unity of Sedona. And although many of them have incredible gifts, ranging from creativity to channeling, the people who impress me most are those who actually LIVE the life of someone who is spiritual, rather than just “talking the talk.” In my experience, these individuals are usually loving, authentic, giving, and yet able to get things done, as well as having no agendas in their relationships. Doesn’t that sound like the same kinds of people we all want to meet more often? And when we do finally come across such souls, it’s always a little harder to say “farewell for now.”

I can’t help but notice the large number of friends, employees, and students who have come to me lately to tell me of the loss of a loved one. Clearly, change (including loss) is in the air, symbolized by our current experience of losses and our eventual resurrection from these current deaths or changes. This also means that Easter (and the Spring Equinox) is just around the corner.

Amazing Symbol of Goodness to All

In just the past year, my closest friend of 30 years passed away. He was/is such an amazing symbol of goodness to all – a good, faithful, man who adopted several children in order to give them a better chance in life. And now, a local man, one of Sedona’s most effective and authentic healers – Dr. Marc Viafora of Mountain Dove Chiropractic – has passed away. Dr. Marc was an incredible soul, a family man, who assisted many of Sedona’s residents, as well as many of our employees and attendees with various back and body issues – doing so in the deepest way.

He was young, gentle, and real, and yet clear and strong enough to share his support against those whom he saw acting foolishly. His passing was quite a shock to many of us and yet we are honored that his family has asked that we hold his “Celebration of Life” service on Saturday, April 4th at 1 p.m. at Unity of Sedona – just one day before Easter. In the meantime, we’re encouraging everyone to please send donations (instead of flowers and such) that can be applied toward a trust fund for the children of Marc and Jan Viafora.

But what do all of these changes and/or losses mean?

It would seem to indicate that we are all being asked to release our current level of spiritual consciousness (symbolized by the death of some very spiritual people) so that we can rise to an entirely new level of consciousness. And of course this transformation doesn’t happen automatically but instead depends on our conscious participation. So let’s take time this month, giving thanks to all who have symbolized goodness to us, followed by surrendering them to God. We then will be expected to do our very best to live and love from the same good place that these others once lived–or else their life (and all the good they symbolized to us) would be in vain.

Love & Light,


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