Lessons Cycle Around Again

Life is a funny thing. No matter what we do, our lessons cycle around again and again–usually until we get it just right. And then the pattern will still likely cycle around again, just to make sure we’ve “got it.”

This is really what “Mercury Retrograde” is all about. Some folks treat this time-period as though it’s some sort of cursed phase when, in fact, it merely represents the recycling of some particular lessons–especially those related to communication. And so some of us deal with this period by not dealing with it. They prefer hiding away or staying in bed. Others choose to make every attempt to fight this retrograde period by trying to force things to happen–usually at the expense of their nervous system.

The most difficult option of all is to deal with this like a master. And being a master certainly does not mean hiding, which leaves us powerless. It means, instead, that we do our best to know when it’s time to step forward and when it’s time to step back. This principle is always a good idea to follow in general but it’s a great idea when we’re going through a period, such as “Mercury Retrograde.”

Practicing Healthy Boundaries

During most of this month, mercury is retrograde. A great way honor this period is through practicing healthy boundaries. One of the best ways to do that is simply to ask ourselves “what we can afford” –physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally. When we go within and discover that something is not working for us, we might need to reconsider doing it. And when mercury goes retrograde it’s a great time to be reconsidering things–even two or three times. Then, if we find it’s time to let something go, we need to be extra careful about how we do it–because people are bound and determined (during this time) to misunderstand us or get their feelings hurt. That doesn’t mean we should abandon our decisions but it does mean that we should double and triple check everything.

Check In

I can’t help but to have noticed this occurring a few times over the past year in relation to projects at Unity wherein people offered (or even contracted) to do something for us but ended up doing the job differently OR taking far more time than they agreed upon OR even sometimes charged more than they quoted. And although none of this is okay, and it’s perfectly right to set clearer boundaries with such people (even sometimes saying goodbye), it’s also wise to check in and see what we can learn from the experience. For example, we learned that we should only allow someone to do a project for us, as long as they understand they are working for us and need to meet our timelines and needs. And of course it helps if we get things in writing and avoid paying for things before the job is done to our satisfaction.

And in personal relationships, much of the same applies. No matter what we say or how we say it, during this period, we are all too often likely to be misunderstood–even if we think we are being extra careful. So the best advice is to first remind those closest to us that we are in this special period wherein we might be tested a lot in relation to our communication and agreements. This makes it easier for us to catch ourselves if we happen slip off track with one another. No, we don’t want to blame it on mercury, but we do want to recognize this period as a period of personal tests that we should do our best to pass.

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