Easter Services

As one might expect, our Easter services last Sunday were fantastic. The depth of topic covered, the level of consciousness of the attendees, the music and laughter, and the blessings of love and light were all “off the charts.”

We had the largest number of people we’ve ever had for any event. And rather than talking about “Easter eggs and bunny rabbits,” the message focused on the deeper symbolism and use of Easter.

Easter is highly symbolic of how we all go through tests and initiations in life as a means of deepening and raising our consciousness–which we can do the easy way or the hard way. Easter reminds us how we are crucified on a regular basis in this world but that we are also supposed to learn to resurrect and ascend to new levels of awareness. Most people, however, only know how to be crucified, which means they are victims, even when they don’t realize it.

Bounce Back

In other words, if we go through a change or loss of some kind in our life but fail to bounce back and prepare to raise our life to a whole new level, it means that rather than being resurrected, we remained in the tomb of despair or hurt–which is absolutely NOT God’s Will. Instead, we are all meant to rise from every fall, as this is symbolic of “awakening our inner Christ.”

Easter also holds higher symbolism, even more than Christmas, in that Christmas symbolizes the external birth of the Christ but Easter symbolizes the crucifixion/transmutation of the external Christ and then the birth of the internal Christ. Birthing something internally is actually far more important than birthing something externally. It’s even more important to birth ideas and higher consciousness within ourselves than it is to birth babies in the outer world.


Lastly, we are each called to walk through, on a regular basis, our own versions of crucifixion/resurrection/ascension and we can do so by practicing the following personal processes.

1) Personal Crucifixion: means to properly handle life’s tests and losses, as well as what seems like the judgement, persecution, slander and wounding from others. It means being a master instead of a victim. It also means to regularly do self-inventories to shed light on our personal issues and secrets. We open up (at least to someone) so that there is no secret left to keep us hiding in the tomb.

2) Personal Resurrection: means to bounce back from previous challenges and to practice allowing Spirit to Guide us into a new life. It also means to make amends whenever possible, as this helps create good karma and a fresh start.

3) Personal Ascension: means to take all that was learned and released in our crucifixion AND absorbing the good gained in our resurrection. Then we allow Spirit to “take it from there.” God Itself will then lift us to the Heavens of Higher Consciousness.

Love & Light,


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