Best Workshops and Musicians Ever

What a month it’s been! At Unity of Sedona we shared another several weeks of incredible Sunday services and some of our best guest workshops and musicians ever. We hosted the 5-day workshop intensive on “Awakening Christ Consciousness,” as well as a joy-filled community Thanksgiving gathering. Also, we topped off the month with a fairly intense (but thankfully short-lived) earthquake. Although the quake seemed a little out of place for Arizona, it seemed to fit in quite well for our Christ workshop, as there was a fair amount of focus on breaking up the old patterns in our lives and preparing for the new.

Now it’s time to move into December wherein we can enjoy our usual sacred services and our upcoming Sedona Winter Solstice Festival, as well as our special Christmas and New Year’s services.

What will the new year be like for you?

Will it be the same (or worse) as previous years or are you preparing some changes? One thing is certain, if we do not prepare for changes now, we are not likely to see any changes in the coming year. And although we can make new choices each and every day, using the universal timing and symbology of nature is always a wise option. This means that if we used this past Fall Season properly, we then took time to thoroughly bid farewell to some old patterns and issues of the past. This would then open us up to receive the gifts from Spirit that come as a reward for our commitment to releasing the old and refilling with the new.

Time for Giving and Receiving Gifts

This sacred time of giving and receiving gifts, is symbolized by the Christmas Season. These gifts then must be nurtured into fruition in the coming new year. But, as per Universal Law, the gifts of tomorrow are proportionate to the work we do today. This is what it means to “create our own reality.” So if we expect to experience the fruits of a new life in the coming new year, we need to get to work on releasing any residual issues from years gone by. Furthermore, we must take our spiritual walk to a whole new level–wherein our spiritual ideas and beliefs are more thoroughly integrated and put into practical, daily practice.

It’s not too late to begin releasing whatever was not (or is not) working for our higher good and then making plans to co-create a life wherein a greater abundance of that which most reflects the Presence of God is seen, felt, and experienced.

Love & Light,


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