An Incredible Experience

The first third of the year is already over and in just three months I will have been in Sedona for a full 3 years – such a magical number. Being here, and serving as the Spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, has been an incredible experience. As with many things in life (but especially when a person comes to Sedona), we can often “expect the unexpected.” I originally came here with the intention of assisting Unity for only 1-2 years with deep spiritual teachings and inspirational leadership.

The fact that we’ve been so successful came as no surprise to me, as they are the natural fruits of “living the Christ life.” I was even impressed by the way we handled the occasional challenges that popped up along the way. Such challenges assisted us in integrating (and now celebrating) a greater quality and quantity of trust, friendship, and an authentic sense of spiritual community. This played a huge part in the inspiration for me to remain here for an extra couple of years.

It’s one of the ironic things about life. We would all like to think that as long as we are loving, do good work, and live a fairly straight and clean life (at least as much as possible), we would experience only love and goodness in return. But, as many of us know, people are more afraid of light than darkness, which is why some people have been angered by our success and power. It’s also why so many light-workers (especially in the early part of their lives) have been outcasts in their families.

Struggling to Understand

It’s sad but true…for you and for us (as a group) at Unity. Therefore, we will often find ourselves struggling to understand those who are asleep, and they will often find themselves struggling to understand those of us who are awake. One day, however, God’s Light will be fully manifested and the darkness of fear that keeps people divided and distrustful will disappear. And, to assist in the process of manifesting this Light, we have decided to increase the number of sacred events (such as Beltane and solstice celebrations) at Unity of Sedona.

From my observation, the folks in Sedona truly want someone to love them and to serve them but it seems like they do not know how to truly experience such love and trust. Many of the locals say that it’s because, for so many years, teachers have let them down or become part of a scandal. So they seem suspicious, as though they are thinking, “These folks at Unity must be up to something…they can’t actually be this nice or this good.”

It is sort of funny and tragic at the same time to observe this. But it has helped me to be compassionate and to work harder to be a good person, in hopes of helping some of these folks to heal their distrust and learn to recognize that some of us teachers are good people and are authentic. Therefore, those of us who are a part of the spiritual community at Unity of Sedona now have a greater obligation to maintain an honest and sacred space wherein we can all share and celebrate the love, peace, and joy of being holy Children of God.

Love & Light,


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