A Funny Thing Happened

As the saying goes, “a funny thing happened to me on the way to the store” but this event is a great lesson for us all.

In a nutshell, I was driving through a parking lot and found myself behind a line of a few cars that appeared to be just sitting there–probably waiting for the first car to make up their mind about what they were doing. So, after a couple of minutes, I just drove around them to get to my destination. Well the last car in the line didn’t appreciate my move and decided to yell at me.

My first reply was to apologize and explain that I thought they were okay just sitting there like the rest of the cars. But instead of accepting my apology, they continued to complain and then recognized who I was and blurted out, “Oh…it’s you and you’re supposed to be sooooo spiritual.”

Amusing and Partly Sad

I found this to be partly amusing and partly sad. It was amusing because it goes to show us that even when we apologize for things that others perceive as errors on our part, when people want to be upset, there is sometimes no way to change their mind. Also, the event was sad because some people judge us as “not being spiritual” because of the way we drive, the way we look, the way we eat and so on. To some people, simple things we do that they do not agree with, can make them judge so quickly that we are less than good people, which then condemns them as such because “as we judge, so are we judged.”

We might instead, choose to be kind enough to accept the apologies of others when they offer it. There are enough people in our lives who will forever refuse to apologize for things they do on purpose. So maybe we should learn to appreciate those who cross our path who are kind enough to say, “sorry about that,” when it seemed like they hurt us–intentionally or not.

If we cannot forgive the lightest of transgressions, how will we ever grow enough to forgive people who seem to have caused us even greater harms?

Love & Light,


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