Are you folks ready for another month of accelerated, yet well-paced growth? Personally, I feel incredibly inspired after our recent Beltane Festival. The attendees agreed beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was our best one ever. It was a little chilly that evening but we just shifted indoors for the second part and the party went on and on. Our guest musician was so loved as a musician and performer, everyone just kept celebrating. And, you can expect the same from us this year and beyond. For starters, we have my live Love and Forgiveness course (which is also available to watch online) coming up on Wednesday nights. This month we also have my 5-day Mastery and Healing workshop, as well as the Deva Premal concert. And you can see below, several other wonderful events. All of this will help set the tone for the Sedona Summer Solstice Festival this June, which promises to be our best ever. We have some incredible surprises in store for this Solstice Festival…so be sure to register.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few years from now, I will have lived in Sedona for ten years. And in this first seven years, we have gone through a few distinct phases. For the first couple of years (which we all assumed was just for me to be an interim “Spiritual Leader”), I focused on introducing God and Christ Consciousness back into the lives of the attendees–which they all soaked up. And we went from 60 attendees to 160 attendees. But some of the attendees were there to “see the show,” as people in Sedona often roll out to see all the “latest” things and then disappear. So those who were not ready for depth moved on, but we just kept expanding the message and attendance. Once we all decided that I would remain here, the Sunday messages–for the next few years–focused on specific topics that were compiled into dvd sets. And there was so much information shared during each Sunday, the services ran approximately an hour and forty-five minutes (20-30 minutes longer than most churches). But now, in this next couple years, the messages have become a blend of attendee questions and spontaneous inspirations–channeled Light. And the length of our services is gradually being trimmed down to approximately an hour and 15 minutes–just slightly longer than any other church or spiritual center. But this format and theme is what you can expect for the next year or two.

On another note, many of us have become vividly aware of how often people respond negatively to expressions of true Spiritual Light. And with so many of you making the choice to move to Sedona (telling us it’s “to be in the energy of Unity of Sedona”), it’s likely that you have people wondering what the heck you are doing. Please know that this is a normal part of the spiritual path and of our spiritual growth. Whether we are newly on the path or are a long-term beacon of Light in our community, there is no shortage of people that may try to deter us. Our job of course is to remain focused on our goal in God and move our feet in that same direction. The late founder of “Apple,” Steve Jobs, said it well when he shared his final advice: “Believe in something greater and believe that all the dots (choices) will connect or complete themselves in the end. Believing in something will give you the confidence to follow your heart–even when your heart leads you in new directions. But don’t lose faith. You’ve got to love who you are and what you are doing. And if you haven’t discovered what you love, keep looking and don’t settle. Don’t be trapped by other people’s thinking and don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own Inner Voice. And most important, follow your heart and your intuition. Somehow it knows what you are truly meant to become.”< So remember to follow your heart but since our ego often hijacks our heart–leaving us with an unhealthy guide to follow–we have to remind ourselves that our real heart always shares thoughts, words, and deeds that are “loving.” And, the loving heart does no harm. But if we slip, the loving heart always apologizes and makes amends whenever possible–because the loving heart has no ego-pride that would prevent us from doing so.

Love & Light,


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