Can Some Teachings Be too Deep?

One of the most incredible experiences since I arrived at Unity of Sedona several years ago is that people were/are constantly praising the power and the depth of the work and the teachings, as well as what we all have accomplished. At Unity of Sedona we have never had a lack of good teachings (including from our guest teachers) nor a lack of good application of the teachings. In fact all of our successes and miracles come from the depth of the teaching and the willingness (most of the time) to apply the teachings. 

And even when we experience occasional challenges, it might never occur to anyone that such challenges are rooted in the depth of our teaching, because some people do well with deep teachings and others do not. 

There are generally two types of people who do well with deep teachings:  

1. Those who feel a resonance or familiarity with the teachings–as though their soul recognizes something. And part of this recognition comes from their inner knowing that what they are hearing on the outside is what their soul has been receiving/knowing on the inside.  

2. Those who are advanced enough to practice taking responsibility for any transference or projection that will inevitably arise due to the fear of learning at such a deep level.

There are also generally two types of people who will NOT do so well with such deep teachings:

1. Those who have a hard time knowing how to deal with the constant amount of depth. Constantly learning at such depth can seem overwhelming to some people–overwhelming to their intellect or to their ego or to their nervous system–especially those who are not balanced or well grounded. So they run for the hills after a few doses of such teachings. It’s one reason why Jesus would only teach for a short time to any given group. 

2. Those who don’t mind hearing some deep teachings but fail to integrate them as new truth and/or fail to live such teachings as deeply as they could. 

In regard to the latter group of people that don’t do so well with deep teachings, the first of these two types of people would rather just come to a lightweight lecture and go home no different than when they arrived. They are open to hearing a deep message but just “not too often.”

The second of these latter two types of people are open to hearing a deep message but do not want to be called to live it–even becoming triggered or agitated when they recognize their hypocrisy or inconsistency. 

One thing is certain however, our outer lives always reflect our inner lives. So whichever of the above four types of people we belong to, we should ask ourselves if we like being defined as such. We should give thanks if we resonate with the first two groups–those who love and embrace deep teachings. And yet if we find ourselves resonating more with the latter two types–those who avoid deep teachings–we might want to practice owning what’s happening and then heal the related issues and fears. This will allow us to be free and to trust our ability to fly. But first we have to release our ego-based addiction to shallow teachings (or a shallow lifestyle).For some people this will take very little effort. For others, it will take great effort. Either way, the rewards are endless and the choice to do so is inevitable, as it is only by navigating the depths of consciousness that we rise into our divinity.

Love & Light,


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