Greetings Everyone! We are now officially entering Summer, which means it’s time to maximize the spiritual and material harvests in our lives. So now is the time to “get out of the house” (and yet go within) and go for a light walk/hike, soak in the sun, harvest and eat nutritious foods, attend the Solstice Festival, and do what we can to reap the rewards for all the things we’ve set into motion over the past six months or so.

One of the things we were planning to do at Unity of Sedona before Summer completely arrived was to hold one of our member gatherings–wherein we share updates on what’s going on at our beautiful spiritual center. But since we didn’t pull this event together in time, we are sharing a few updates here AND will soon have a Summer picnic gathering (we’ll let you all know when a date is selected).
First of all, things are still going very well. On Sundays we hold incredible Sacred Services that are now watched all around the world–followed by snacks and personal sharing time at our cafe. Our classes, concerts, chaplain program, and recovery groups are doing better than ever. Even our grounds/landscape have never been more beautiful. And we changed our tag line to read, “Sedona’s Center for Masters & Students On the Spiritual Path.”
Lastly, (as mentioned before) we are now opening our hearts and souls to create a new location–wherein we could fit a larger number of people–particularly since we outgrew our current buildings years ago. This will likely be a $2,000,000 endeavor so please do what you can to support us with donations and prayers.
I pray this monthly E-blast is helpful and that these announcements are helping to keep you informed.

Love & Light,


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