Fall has finally arrived. It’s my favorite season–given the colors, the cooler temperatures, the promise of a light snow in the near future, and my favorite Holidays just around the corner. Fall also marks a time of change – endings that can lead to new beginnings.

Over the past several years, I’ve had several dreams and projects that materialized in the most wonderful ways–hugely in alignment with the teaching material we use in our January “Co-creating a New Life” online course. This course works beautifully to manifest changes and abundance in our lives.
However, out of every ten things that manifest, there usually is one that doesn’t. So what do we do with these things? That’s what the Fall Season is for. It’s a reminder to release all things that have not proven fruitful (or are no longer bearing fruit) over the past year (or years). But some things are simply meant to be cut back, while others need to be pulled out and eliminated all-together. The trick is knowing which is which.
For me, the first and best technique is to remain prayerful, asking for Divine Guidance for the highest good. Second, I ask myself if I have done all I can to help manifest or co-create whatever project is in question. Third, if I’ve done the previous two steps, then I generally take this as a sign that it’s possibly time to release and let go of that dream or project.
But this particular Fall is unique in that I decided to do a self-inventory and make a list of any dreams and projects that have been waiting a long time for their moment of manifestation–but that had not yet materialized. My list unexpectedly ended up with over a dozen items. One item on the list was my hope that more conferences would manifest in the world (as most have gone out of business). Another was to manifest a few more spiritual centers (churches) to visit that had high integrity, advanced attendees, and a large enough attendance . . . but unfortunately, there were none to be found. I also had a few relationships that I was open to see bounce back or others to get started. But again, these needed to be released now, due either to a lack of ease or a lack of cooperation. So these, along with several other items have now been released. I saved a few others to bid farewell to in a ritual at the end of the year–as they deserved/warranted several more weeks to come to life or be released for good.
One of the biggest, life-long dreams that I am releasing, however, is that of having a large enough sanctuary to do only one, large, service–as I love the idea and vibe of everyone from two or more services gathered together as one. However, with the various issues in Sedona, such as limited/expensive real-estate, stringent building laws, and a lack of large properties being available, we might have to remain where we are–which is okay because we all love our buildings and grounds.
Nevertheless, from now on, we have ONE, Sacred Sunday Service–at 10:00am. The main challenge is obviously fitting everyone into one service. But after adding a lot more chairs, and allowing the overflow of late-arriving attendees to sit in the gazebo or in the cafe (listening on speakers), it has already proven to work very well. So please do what you can to support us in this major manifestation of our dream with your prayers, attendance, and by doing what you can to be consistent with your generous donations. Again, we would have preferred getting a larger facility but we simply couldn’t find such a property. And by the way, we chose the 10:00am time (instead of 11:00am) after a vote of 80% for the earlier time. And one crucial point that was made was that everyone strongly preferred avoiding the tourist traffic into Sedona that starts around 11:00am.
Lastly, when we speak of letting things go, keep in mind, it doesn’t always mean letting them go forever. It means, letting them go–unconditionally–which might mean temporarily OR forever. These dreams/projects might then disappear in their current form but they will also likely recycle into a different form–a form that is better than our original vision. Our job is to remain open to whatever is best.

Love & Light,


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