The Sun is Still Shining

Summer is ending but the sun is still shining as brightly as ever at Unity of Sedona.

As we shift into a new season and are seeing the return of many residents (and attendees) from their Summer vacations, we already have quite a bit in store for everyone.

We have raised the bar, yet again, on the level of teaching and events at our lovely center. We have an incredible list of workshops, concerts, facilitators, and special events–many of which are FREE to all. Our long-awaited Advanced Spirituality class is finally starting again. We also have some very special surprises for this year’s “Sedona Winter Solstice Festival.” This event is on Saturday, December 19th–so mark your calendars.

In the meantime, as part of our commitment to manifesting the Love and Light of God to our attendees and community, we are providing our monthly Psychic Sunday events and our annual Member Appreciation Day.

We also have been having regular meetings (with staff, Board Members, Chaplains, and our Unity Members) wherein we’ve discussed plans to meet the growing desire for everyone to rise to a whole new level of prosperity and their soul’s purpose. These meetings and our recent workshop on the topic have already been bringing miracles of abundance and transformation–all of which we are bringing to Unity of Sedona on a more regular basis.

The bottom line is that all beings on earth have the right and purpose to manifest God’s Will of Love and Abundance in every way possible. And although we might not all have the exact same level of health, wealth, or wisdom on the outsidewe can certainly share the same Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance on the inside. And while some people focus on lack, drama, and so forth, we are focusing on Joy and celebration. How could we do any different if we truly feel the Presence of God?

So be sure to join us when you can for our special meetings on prosperity, as well as joining us to gain some personal life insights at our monthly Psychic Sunday event. We are the Christ, the Light of God on earth, and are meant to shine our Light brightly but first we must discover this Light and nurture it into maturity.

Love & Light,


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