In case you haven’t noticed, Summer has officially arrived. Whew! The temperatures are clearly higher than most Sedona residents have ever seen–over 110 degrees. So what are you all doing to cope with it?   

Life will always throw us some curves to help stretch our boundaries and test our level of consciousness. And one of the best ways to deal with such changes is to flow with them rather than resist them. It’s like learning to turn lemons into lemonade. So when it seems a bit too hot, let’s “just do heat.” This means to “accept what is” and plan accordingly. It also means to learn to read each moment of the day and do our best to slot into the right groove, rather than fighting against it–especially since things generally work out–in time

We just had our 5th Sedona Summer Solstice Festival, but with the unusually high temperatures, and the Summer drop in Sedona’s population, it was starting to look as though the attendance might be low. So we simply adjusted our minds (and the seating in the building) and prepared to have a great time either way. Then, registrations began to flood in just 10 days before the event and we ended up with our best Summer Festival ever. In other words, whether we had a small or large attendance, we were ready to have fun and remained in a state of acceptance

It reminds me of a new conference that was being planned over 20 years ago in Australia. They had very few registrations and considered canceling. So they called me to break the news to me, as I was one of the speakers. But I told them that I was predicting the event would indeed succeed (even though they only had 10 people–of the expected 150) and that I would be arriving either way. I added that if absolutely nobody showed up, I would teach their 10 people in someone’s living room and we would have a great time and a deep experience. As it turned out, I got on a plane and arrived just a couple of days before the event where we found 100 people showing up–even though the attendees knew I was the only speaker. We all were blessed but would have missed the greatness of the experience had we given up OR had we been attached to the outcome. 

In other words, it’s important for us to trust in God but it is also important for us step into that trust by demonstrating that we truly believe that all will be well, and by releasing all fear-based constriction that attempts to side-track us from our trust. If life does not yet bring us the weather (or any other preferred circumstance) we desire, we should then have faith that it can come tomorrow. But, until it arrives, we can do our best to make the best of what we have today.

Love & Light,


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