Summer Solstice

It’s time, once again, to celebrate the Summer Solstice. This is such a wonderful opportunity for us all to dance in the Light of who we really are.

This Light is symbolically born at the Winter Solstice but reaches maturity at the Summer Solstice, which is why it’s such a perfect opportunity to join together to learn, laugh, and celebrate the progress of work well done.

At Unity of Sedona, we’ve created such a rare and incredible center that is rich in learning and healing, as well as integrity and inspiration. I’ve often said that one of the most under-estimated reasons why people don’t heal or discover improvements in their lives is that they fail to recognize and appreciate the progress they’ve made.

The Summer Solstice is a perfect opportunity to share our appreciation for one another and for all we have created here and in our lives. Be sure not to be a typical human being, taking your good for granted. Instead, be a spiritual being who recognizes, feels, experiences and celebrates life in a state of gratitude. This is one of the surest ways of creating an even greater flow of love, peace, joy, and abundance.

Love & Light,


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