I pray you are all feeling the richness of Spring still in the air. It doesn’t matter if you live in an area where there is still snow on the ground OR an area that’s already feeling like it’s being blasted with Summer heat. It’s still Springtime, which is a time of renewal in every way. So allow yourself to live, laugh, dance, sing, and play—just like all of nature is doing.

The word June has various origins but Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and fertility. The Romans saw Juno as the wife to Jupitar, which the earlier Greeks related as Hera and Zeus. And June, which is connected to Yune or Yuno is where we get the word youth.

A Time of Renewal

To the Jews, June commemorates the time when they received the Torah from Moses. In other words, June is a time of youth, renewal, celebration, hope, and new beginnings.

However, Juno (Hera) was also known to have a downside—a tendency towards jealousy. So it behooves us to indeed celebrate this month, but also to keep an eye on any temptation to feel envious about the accomplishments and good fortune of others. So keep in mind that since we are all ONE, the good fortune of others is the good fortune of ourselves—manifesting in others only because we haven’t yet accepted it in ourselves. If we resent this, it pushes our good fortune away even further. If we give thanks for the good fortune of others, it attracts it all the more closely to ourselves.

So let’s all commit to celebrating our good fortune of being created in the healthy, loving, prosperous Image of God! And if any dark clouds get in the way, let’s remind ourselves that they are merely accumulations of rain (tears). So let’s let them fall in order to make more fertile the garden of our life.

Love & Light,


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