At this time in mankind’s evolution, we could all be choosing the experience and consciousness of resurrection and ascension. Nevertheless, many of the people on this planet and especially in this country insist on choosing crucifixion over resurrection. Those who have done so have chosen–over the past several months–to allow their ego and the evil of the world to entomb them (physically, financially, psychologically, and/or spiritually).

Despite these unfortunate choices, there is still a huge wave of resurrection/ascension going on. So be sure to ride the wave of life and love instead of death and fear. The fact that so many people are choosing to live in a state of crucifixion is why the world has gone dark in so many ways. Just as the world is said to have gone dark when Jesus was crucified, so too is the world now going through a period of darkness. Light is still available to us but we have to choose it–each and every day–in each and every decision we make.

Our Job is to Pray

How sad it is that we could have such an opportunity for resurrection. So many are choosing to remain entombed in death, anger, and depression. Free will allows them to remain in darkness as long as they choose such. Our job is to pray for their inevitable recovery (resurrection), which comes when they choose love over fear and God over ego. 

It has always been true that the human race is capable of entering darkness for several days or even several centuries. And this is still true today. But those of us who are lightworkers must remain committed to anchoring the Light Presence of God. Even if the rest of humanity still chooses darkness. So although we sometimes seem forced to accept the numerous forms of the world’s insanity. Nothing can stop us from doing lightwork in the secret recesses of our mind. We’ve seen this current form of insanity before and we will see it again, until finally people choose only love as their guide and their way of life.  

You would think that love is the only obvious choice, but alas this is not so. You would also think that it’s easy for people to see through the games of the ego, but this too is not so. Why? It’s because people who have chosen their ego as their guiding voice are not yet wanting to see clearly. That’s why the evil force in World War II was called Nazis–which means to “NOT-SEE”.


And now once again we have a similar manifestation of “NOT-SEES” organizing riots in the streets, just as they did before World War II. The same is being done by terrorists, which means “ERROR-ISTS.” They are all just blinded by their own evil and trying to fool others into believing in their false causes. They live in spiritual blindness and behavioral error. We’ve even seen such evil possess people in Sedona (and around Unity of Sedona). We’ve all seen them throughout the world and this Nation.

But we must never forget that God’s Will is that all God’s Children become as ONE and return Home. To a Heavenly State of Consciousness. This is our destiny, but can only be realized and manifested when we release all of our resistance to Peace. Achieved mostly through living a life of love and forgiveness. Errorists and Not-sees can delay us but will never completely hold back the inevitable Vision of God that patiently awaits our decision to choose love and only love as our guide–the Voice of God that consistently calls us Home.

Love & Light,


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