It’s already been quite a Summer for us all. The heat was overwhelming at times, and one of our dearest friends and supporters passed away. Adding to all of this, nearly every planet in our solar system has been retrograde for quite some time, which has proven very challenging for most people on the planet.

Nevertheless, this has been our most powerful Summer yet. We just completed our most successful online course ever–“Revelation of our Divine Self”–which was also presented live at Unity for local attendees. We are seeing quite a bountiful harvest of organic vegetables from our Unity garden, which are used for our after service lunches. Also this Summer, we had our most successful concerts AND our most successful Summer Solstice Festival ever. And we accomplished all of this despite the usual drop in attendance for the Summer. And now, we prepare for the next month of Summer wherein we are sponsoring a few key events–so be sure to sign up soon.
All this said, I highly recommend that you all continue making your spiritual path the most important thing in your life. The testimonials we consistently receive at our Unity of Sedona office speak of personal healing and transformation–all because more and more of our attendees are learning to put God first in their lives, followed by placing a greater emphasis on our healthiness in mind, body, and in our relationships. Personal growth always pays off–even if the evidence has to await its proper season.
So be sure to make the rest of the year count–as much as possible. Take time to pray and meditate but do so with a spirit of developing a closer and closer relationship with God and with Christ. Also, do what you can to live in abundance in health, finance, and friendships. And of course do us all a favor and join us for as many Sacred Sunday services AND any of our many special events at Unity of Sedona as possible.

Love & Light,


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