One thing I have always loved since coming to Unity of Sedona is opening up communication at our center by creating a network. When we find each other and exchange the gifts of our soul, it makes the way for miracles. 

We accomplished this network by having one bulletin board that is open to the public, and another that is strictly for Unity attendees. We also encourage people to meet for lunch in our cafe and share ideas and needs.

Also, we created an official Resource Directory that is updated every month. And since we would quickly fill 100 pages if we allowed everyone in town to list their gift/service we opted to make this directory exclusively for our members and sponsors.

Again, we have several levels wherein people can network:

One that is open to everyone, one that is only for attendees, and one that is only for members. That way EVERYONE can connect at opening up communication one level or another. In other words, when you consider the various avenues of networking that we have created. It should be clear that there is a way for everyone to reach out or to share of themselves and their needs.

Strangely, we’ve had 1-2 people withdraw themselves from attending. They felt angry or jealous that they only chose to be involved at Unity at one level.  However, wanted the right to advertise themselves at ALL levels. This however merely became a test of their integrity and patience. At Unity of Sedona, we hold ourselves to such a high standard, it draws a lot of praise from attendees and raises the vibrations of our center. However it also can trigger those who can’t really live up to that standard.

But if YOU feel called to share your gifts or needs so that your needs could be filled OR you could help fill the needs of someone else. Feel free to utilize one form or another of our network (i.e. bulletin boards, Resource Directory, etc.). It is the Will of God that our needs be filled and that we help fill those needs for each other. This is love in action!

Love & Light,


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