Now it begins… my favorite season. It’s time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. But have you ever thought of those three Holy-Days (Holidays) as being a three-part goal in your life?

 Let’s try it right now. What are you most grateful for this year? Whatever it is, do your best to give thanks and demonstrate your appreciation. This will likely improve the gifts that come to you–symbolized as Christmas. This, then, opens the way for a new life–symbolized by New Years.
In other words, now it begins, our three-part Holy-Days, are actually three parts of an ongoing practice we can all access and use to create a personal transformation at any time. All we have to do is practice recognizing and appreciating anything good in our lives. This then opens the way to receive new gifts–gifts that are meant to use or lose. Lastly, we reap the benefits of a new life–which can affect our health, finances, relationships, and more. So thank you, thank you for all you share with us here at Unity of Sedona.
Following such principles is how we (at Unity of Sedona) have manifested such an incredible spiritual center, and in such an incredible town. It’s also how we regularly manifest such a wonderful list of teachers and events, as well as manifesting Sedona’s only “John of God Healing Room”–with one of his blessed “Healing Beds.”
Please join us in any of ongoing events and/or our special workshops, or come to experience the powerful healing energies on our new crystal bed/table. You can also join us at our Sacred Sunday Service (at 10:00a.m.)–which is also presented on Facebook Live all around the world. And feel free to join us for our Thanksgiving Community Lunch.

Love & Light,


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