In life, no matter how clear our guidance and direction happens to be, we always need to be aware of any micro-adjustments that might be needed to better keep us on course. After completing another quarterly meeting with our members and attendees, we (our Board, staff, volunteers, chaplains, etc.) feel even more inspired in regard to the fine-tuning of our direction. 

In my personal life, and at Unity of Sedona, we tend to make changes in sync with the seasons. So at the end of each year, we begin to release things that are no longer serving us and then begin planting the seeds of a new life. This year we are clearing the way for a tone of greater gentleness, devotion to cooperation, and responsible communication–all of which is made easier by making sure everyone involved in our leadership remains aligned with Spirit and with each other.  

One change that we can already see emerging is that although we’ve invested a great deal of time and energy making sure we empowered lots of people to step into leadership roles, not everyone was well suited for such. Now and then over the years, folks ended up getting angry and leaving because we could not fulfill their agendas of attaining certain things at Unity of Sedona. These agendas often included competing with my position as Spiritual Leader. And so I did what I could to accommodate their needs (thus demonstrating an open-mindedness). But after asking our Chaplains and attendees for feedback, it was concluded that we will no longer be able to support these needs as much as we used to.

Here are a few more changes you can soon expect to see/experience:   
*Thanks to Joy Nanda, Judy, and Linda Mae, we have increased our commitment to improve social media and bring our Sacred Sunday Services to the world through streaming our services onto Facebook. As a result, just last week alone, we had over 10,000 viewers within the first couple of hours.
*We will continue to increase our membership. In fact, our last new member orientation had a very large turnout.
*To make sure we don’t over-saturate our attendees with too many e-blasts, we are going to experiment with only sending out one, weekly e-blast instead of our usual two–thus trimming the number of e-blasts from eight per month to four. We will still send out our one monthly e-blast as well. But this means we have to depend on all of you to mark your calendars for events and have us remind you less often.
*For anyone who wants to know how they can support us (besides love and prayer), three options were shared: 1) Attend services and events. 2) Become a sponsor. 3) Donate towards our annual pledge program.
*We are forming a Solution (Conflict Resolution) Team for Chaplains and members to come to with concerns, problems, and questions. Tentatively three members: Victoria, Harmony, and Joan Belle.
*Lastly, we recently co-created a goal/theme which we agreed to follow:

  • God (and Divine Love) is our first Priority.
  • We call forth the gifts, talents, and inspirations of others but without entitlement or hidden agendas.
  • We carry on and encourage inclusiveness, which also means standing together in words and actions.
  • If ever there are challenges, we are committed to communicate lovingly, tactfully, honestly, and responsibly.

I  pray all of this makes sense and encourages you to feel an even greater sense of God’s Presence at Unity of Sedona and in all of our events.

Love & Light,


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