Here we are…we made it through the losses with the Love of God (during Halloween) and gave thanks (during Thanksgiving) for lessons learned over the past year. So now (during Christmas) we step forward to receive our rewards and gifts from Spirit for all the work we’ve done to improve our lives. That way, we can (during New Year’s) be more certain of having a better life in the new year to come.

So let’s be sure to release as much of our old life as possible. Anything that has limited your life–especially your spiritual life–can now be released. In so doing, the new life that awaits, is allowed to come forward. Be prepared to experience the highest spiritual experiences possible during our Sacred Sunday Services (each week at 10:00am–AZ time–in person or on facebook live). But also do what you can to attend any number of our hand-selected events. We are proud to feature only the best teachers and events in the region–choosing only those that resonate with the Christ, I AM frequency. This is one reason there is such a high vibration felt at Unity of Sedona. It comes from remaining true to, and in alignment with, the highest spiritual intentions and integrities. But such a gift is available to us all–provided we remain in alignment with whatever we know to be an expression of God’s Love and Light.

At Unity of Sedona, we continue to expand the Light and Love of God in ways that are palpable. Our teams of Board Members, Chaplains, Employees, and Volunteers continually work to improve and beautify themselves and our spiritual center (inside and out). We’ve even decorated the main building in advance for the Holidays, as our way of sharing to the outside world the beauty we feel inside. So be sure to join us for the special Holiday services. And do your best to arrive early–as seats are quickly taken.

Love & Light,


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