My goodness…as you can probably tell by the list of incredible events/workshops shown on our calendar, September promises to be a very busy month.

But before we launch into a new month and those incredible events, all of us at Unity of Sedona want to thank all of you for making August such a tremendous month. The sacred Sunday services were great as always but the gathering for our special eclipse celebration was particularly powerful. The people, the message, the process, the drumming, and of course the visual of the eclipse were all quite astounding.

On another note, as we enter the final third of 2017, we organically begin to shift our energy from Summer to Fall, and in so doing, it’s wise for us to draw the final fruits of this year close to our heart and put them to the greatest use possible…for soon enough, nature itself will begin drawing us further into the process of surrendering all the misused or un-used gifts and lessons of this year. It will take them away for now and perhaps recycle them for another time…when we seem more prepared to properly use them.  

So be sure to take some time to see what is left to gain from this year’s harvest of life and inspirations and do what you can to make the best of it. And join us as often as you can at Unity of Sedona, as the Light is growing brighter every day and every year.

Love & Light,


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