How glorious it is to see the consistent evolution we are all co-creating here at Unity of Sedona. A great deal of our current upgrades are the result of our workshop from last month that focused on “Consciously Co-creating a New Life.” This workshop covered many key topics and tools for creating a better life. And now, as we have put those into practice to a whole new level at Unity, we are immediately seeing the wonderful results–which is no surprise.

As a result of that workshop, we determined that there were a few things on the property to upgrade (which includes painting our buildings), as well as 1-2 projects that we needed to let go of. We also gained greater insights and inspirations as to how to further improve our prosperity level and launch our plan to bring our services to the world (via live streaming)–which has already resulted in tens of thousands of viewers enjoying our sacred services

Length of services–In the past, the length of time of our Sunday services averaged an hour and a half (sometimes even a little more). However, since we are no longer recording dvd sets (as we have completed the series of 20 full sets), our services will probably be reduced by at least 10-15 minutes, thus making the length of time more similar to that of most Unity churches throughout the country–which is an hour and 15 minutes.

Sunday ceremonies–Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response to our occasional ceremonies during our services. Please note, however, that we can only include those special ceremonies once per month and only on the weekend wherein we are celebrating a Holiday on that weekend–which again is once per month. Also, we might be doing these ceremonies only at the second service each Sunday instead of at both services. This decision remains to be seen.

*We are being given the long-awaited opportunity to purchase a nearby piece of land (approximately 1/4 acre) that we could use as a second parking lot–which we greatly need. The price would be around $100,000. If you feel called to help, please let us know. We are setting our prayers and intention to find someone with the means to offer the funds OR to make a sizable donation towards this endeavor. One could also purchase it as an investment and simply allow Unity rights to use it.
*We are beginning our meetings for the volunteers of the Winter Solstice Festival. If you want to participate, please email the office. We already have our musicians and speakers lines up and expect to have a very special event.

And before closing this letter, your Board of Trustees and I want to extend our gratitude to all of you who have chosen to be a Sponsor in one of our two Sponsorship programs: one that supports our various programs and one that is an annual pledge/commitment. Your gifts help to provide us with a vital percentage of our income to cover our numerous expenses. So thank you!!! 

Love & Light,


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