Not everyone receiving this monthly newsletter lives in Sedona. However, if you do, then you’ll know how beautiful and exciting things have been here. We just had two feet of beautiful snow that blanketed the area in just 48 hours. In fact, some of this snow can still be seen here and there–even though we’re now entering March.

Another exciting experience is that my latest book, The Dark Night of the Soul, is now officially released and went immediately to the #1 best seller position on Amazon. Also, I’ll be doing a 4-week online course this month on the topic of the Dark Night of the Soul. This course can also be attended in person at Unity of Sedona.

Lastly, one of the most exciting things of all is that my idea from several years ago is finally being manifested–thanks to our website and social media team. We are now making available a growing list of professionals and services for the Sedona area.  Our list includes available rentals, realtors for purchasing homes, local psychics, counselors, healers, yoga facilitators, and so much more. Be sure to pass the word. We will soon print this directory in a booklet form for your convenience but you can, in the meantime, find this list on our website.

Love & Light,


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