Happy Holidays to you all!

I pray you are feeling the Holy-Day Spirit of God. There are two main messages I would like to share with you in our special monthly e-blast for December:

First, let’s all remember the true nature of this Holiday Season –which is seen by most religions as a very special time of the year. This is mainly the time of the year that we remember the “birth of Jesus,” which actually commemorates the “First coming of Christ,” which is the moment wherein we were ALL given birth (or were created) by God. So Christmas is NOT just a time that commemorates the birth of Jesus but rather commemorates the original creation of you and me–in Spirit and one with God. The “second coming of Christ” is what we all aspire to (even if we don’t realize it) and this moment represents our re-awakening back into our Christ Consciousness.

So the second coming of Christ is the moment we completely surrender to love, forgiveness, and the true identity of who we are

The second thing I would like to share is simply a summary of our most recent community gathering. This latest gathering was insightful beyond words. We have so many new members, they ended up having a lot more questions than we usually are asked–which included a summary of our history. So we all discussed the various moments of depth, miracles, awkward moments, and lessons learned over the years. As usual, there was a lot of laughter and a great deal of appreciation for too many things to name here.

Numerous attendees shared that they appreciate that Unity of Sedona does not feel like other, more traditional, “New Thought” churches but instead, feels like something Guided by Spirit and a place of co-creation and collaboration. We  confirmed that our “social media” projects are going very well with us now reaching 40,000 people. We also discussed the advanced level of our Chaplain program, wherein our Chaplains are wonderful souls, are very well trained, and are consistently being given more responsibilities. Lastly, for folks who were inquiring about how to best support Unity of Sedona, it was explained that all of our attendees are encouraged to attend services and events as often as possible and/or become a sponsor of one of our various programs and/or pledge a donation each month through the coming year of 2017.

Lastly, I personally want to thank every single person (including locals or no-locals) who have ever felt the tremendous amount of love, healing, inspiration, and God’s Presence that flows so consistently at Unity of Sedona. And thank you to any of you who do your best to support our work–which is for the awakening of the whole world.

Love & Light,


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